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To the chagrin of Obamacare critics on the right, Kasich has expanded Medicaid in his state, thereby covering approximately 700,000 more people . More than 200,000 more gained coverage through the exchanges. Ohio thereby reduced its non-elderly adult uninsured population from 16 percent to 9 percent . Kasich warned lawmakers, “Sustainable solutions to the many complex problems facing our health care system will never be solved with a one-party approach that’s developed behind closed doors, without public discussion and input.” He then urged senators “to step back and take a good, hard look at this important issue and to reach across the aisle in working toward solutions.” It is not clear what effect, if any, that will have on senators, specifically Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), but Kasich was one of the few Republicans talking about improving coverage and looking out for the most vulnerable. In March he argued, “Don’t kill Medicaid expansion. And you’ve got to fix the exchange, but you have to have an ability to subsidize people at lower income levels.” He continued, “Here’s what we’re talking about. If you’re drug addicted, if you’re mentally ill, you have to consistently see the doctor. From what I see in this House bill, the resources are not there.” That would be even more true of the Senate bill which over time makes deeper cuts to Medicaid. In the past he’s ridiculed the GOP approach on Capitol Hill . “And we’re going to fix Obamacare by repealing some of the tax increases on some of the richest people in the country and then have less resources to help people with mental illness and drug addiction?

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(Cliff Owen/Associated Press) Obama, who carried Virginia in 2008 and 2012, could help Northam improve his support among younger voters and solidify his already strong backing from African American voters. Northam’s strongholds in the Democratic primary were in the “Urban Crescent,” the heavily populated areas of Northern Virginia, Richmond and Hampton Roads. Northam faces Ed Gillespie, a longtime Republican operative and party leader, in November. Gillespie spokesman David Abrams dismissed the potential appeal of the former president. “How many Democratic surrogates is it going to take to try to drag the lieutenant governor across the finish line?” he said. “Virginians deserve to hear from candidates directly, in their own voices, about their own ideas and proposals.” Gillespie recently campaigned with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). Obama stayed out of the hard-fought Democratic primary this month between Northam and former congressman Tom Perriello. Northam, who beat Perriello, called former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr.

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