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France has also banned branded packs, with laws coming into force on January 1. What will new plain cigarette packs look like? Getty Images 7 Plain packs on the shelf in France, where laws officially came into force on January 1 All packs will be a single colour opaque couche a muddy green described as the worlds ugliest colour. Brand names will be written in standard font, size and location on the pack, with health warnings covering at least 65% of the box, on the front, back and top. And there will be no side-sliding packs. How have tobacco companies reacted? Four of the worlds biggest tobacco firms launched a last-ditch legal bid against the move, but it failed. They claimed the new regulations violated several UK and EU laws and would destroy their property rights by making products indistinguishable from each other. They also claimed there was a lack of evidence that plain packaging would deter smokers. Smokers rights group Forest also said the new rules treat adults like children and teenagers like idiots.

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